Personal Ministries

 Personal Ministries is people caring about the needs of others.

This department helps provide training and support services for members of our church in their Christ-ordained work of helping their neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family members know of Jesus’ love.
 Its goal is to see every member of our church involved in, and excited about sharing the good news of Jesus and His soon coming.

It attempts to accomplish this goal through the training, DVD's, seminars, events, and programs and supporting the other ministries listed on this site which include:

Discover Bible School
Adult Sabbath School
Children's Sabbath School
Fellowhip Dinner Ministry
Food Pantry
Greeting Ministry
Men's Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Women's Ministries
Prayer Ministries
Small Group Ministry
Social Outreach Ministry
AudioVisual Ministry
Vacation Bible School
Youth Ministry

Personal Ministries Leader: Michael Brown
Personal Ministries Secretary: Debbie Giroux

Outreach Coordinator Ministry Description

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