Audio Visual Ministry
Our Services

Compact disc recordings are available for all sermons presented in the Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church immediately following the worship service and are available on this website by Monday A.M. under Media.
Master copies are kept for 1 year. Please speak with sound technicians about how to obtain copies.
Donations are accepted in tithe envelopes for this service.

We have assisted listening devices for those hard of hearing.

Our Team

Our Audio/Visual team is a group of people that enjoy some of the technical, behind-the- scenes aspects of the worship services.  Each week this team uses our latest technology to enhance the worship services with sound reinforcement for front of house and recording, computer graphic presentations,  video cameras  for viewing service in parent room and other areas of the church and Felloswship Hall.
We are always seeking those out there who would like to join this team, and training is offered at various times for participants.

Sound Room:Ron Forrester
Asst-Phil Webber
Technical Advisor: Mark Johnson

Sound Reinforcement 

Our technicians operate sound for worship services, and special events in the life of the Auburn SDA Church. Recording console operators work on a separate console that records services on CD and for special occasions DVD for individuals desiring recordings of our servicesconforming with our CCLI license.

This team uses computer knowledge to present graphics on the screens for music and messages during our worship services.  Basic computer knowledge and experience with Windows operating features are needed to be a part of this team.

Video Operation and Switching
We utilize two cameras to visually enhance our worship services.  Technicians are responsible for switching cameras, computer, and DVD sources for both the main sanctuary feeds and recording feed.  

CD/DVD Duplication
We have CD and DVD duplicators which are fairly easy to use and provide fast duplication if editing is not required.

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