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Fellowship Dinner Guidelines

Fellowship Dinner Guidelines

To ensure a bountiful and balanced meal we request that
the following be supplied by those attending:


Single individuals: One of the following:Bread/vegetable dish/salad fixings/

Couples/Families: An entrée and either salad or dessert
enough to feed your family and others.


Poland Spring water is supplied for all meals. Hot chocolate,
herb teas & Roma are available.

Due to members with special needs it is requested that dishes that are "gluten free" have ingredients listed when are prepared at home.

We have a table for "gluten free" and "vegan" foods labeled and all the rest are to be considered "lacto-ovo" and NOT gluten free.


For Guest Speaker Fellowship Meals:
Parish in charge is responsible for setting menu and communicating with
their team.
Cleanup needs to be done according to Fellowship Hall Cleanup Checklist
and Social Events Guidelines.
Suggestions for Guest Speaker Fellowship Meals: Soup and
/or salad, sandwiches and dessert; Spaghetti, Bread, Salad,
Dessert; Haystacks,dessert; Picnic food, dessert.


For ALL Church Fellowship Meals: Parishes in Charge
for the daywill do meal prep and the other parishes will be
responsible for clean-up to be done according to Fellowship
Dinner and Social Events Guidelines.
Social Committee will provide decorating and will maintain supplies.