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Start Up Instructions
Parish Startup Instructions
1.  Hand out letters February 11th in church and send out those for individuals not in attendance.
2.  Parish leaders set up meeting with others in parish who may be able to assist with communication and computer data entry duties.
3.  Select communication and computer data entry personnel and set up your parish calling tree.
4.  Select contact person for all church Fellowship Dinners.
5.  Review your parish list and update any addresses and telephone numbers and email changes to church clerk.
6.  Determine shut ins in your parish and make list and give copy to diaconate head in charge of preparing home communion kits.
7.  Set up visitation schedule for the month and pair experienced and non-experienced individuals .
8.  Set up telephone contact assignments.
9.  Get acquainted with parish members .
10.Fill out visitation forms after visits and share with elder/pastor leader of your parish and have computer data entry person input info.
11. Plan for quarterly communion distribution to shut ins.
12. Plan for guest speaker parish meals.
13. Share prayer requests with prayer coordinator.
 Your parish is your team ! Success of this plan rests with involvement of the members of your parish ministering to one another in an    organized manner with the power of the Holy Spirit !