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Parish Plan Objectives
Parish Plan Objectives
 I. Objectives of Parish Leaders
A.     Become personally acquainted with each family in your parish, visiting
         each at least once in 3 months ( by phone or in person ) and the elderly or ill once each
         month-oftener if necessary.
B.      Report to the Sabbath School Secretary the names of all who, because of
         physical handicaps or other circumstances, are unable to attend the
         Sabbath services and should be assigned to the Extension Division of the
         Sabbath School.
C.     Either send or deliver personally to those absent from the Sabbath services
          a copy of the weekly bulletin, so they will be kept abreast of church
D.     Encourage regularity in church attendance and active participation in
        church activities. Arrange transportation if necessary.
E.      Take special note of the sick, birth dates, wedding anniversaries, new
          babies, etc, by sending appropriate cards and by passing information
          along for church newsletter to church communications secretary.
F.       Report to elder/pastor the names of all in your parish who are shut ins would like Communion in the home on the Sabbath that this service is     observed in church. Assist pastor and elder in arranging for the same.
G.     In case of death, arrange for meals to be provided for the family on the day of
the funeral and coordinate with other parishes.
H.     Report to elder and pastor on spiritual, physical, or material needs where help
may be rendered.
Report to Food Pantry where need is such that it may call for their
I.        Report to Church Clerk any changes of address that occur in your parish until computer program is updated. At that time your parish computer data input person will update the database and no contact will be required.
J.       Be the communications agent to your parish for special messages via
telephone etc.& coordinate with your selected communication person.
K.     Pass on to church newsletter editor any news items that would be
appropriate to be published.
L.      Be alert to discover prospective church members moving into your parish.
Get acquainted and invite them to the church services and other activities.
M.    Make a special effort to contact new members added to your parish, doing
what you can to integrate them into the church program by introducing them
to those who can utilize their special gifts.
N.     YOU are the undershepherd of your parish. Show a genuine interest. Be
concerned about their welfare. Take note of their absence from church. Seek
to stem any trend toward discouragement or apostasy. In this work YOU will
be a real help to the pastor. Remember that the more work the layman can
do, the more the pastor will do. One does not substitute for the other; each
supplements and strengthens the other. Faithful laymen and a faithful pastor
will mean a vital and fruitful church.
O.     A report is to be given at the end of each quarter on contacts made. A special
form is provided for this purpose. Once Computer program is updated-this step will be eliminated.
Il, Objectives of Diaconate
A.         Visit members of Parish
B.         Assist in Physical needs
C.         Assist in home communion service
D.         Deliver Sabbath School quarterly & other supplies to shut-ins.
E.          Lead and participate in assigned guest speaker fellowship dinners and with other parishes in all church fellowship dinners.
F.          Coordinate communication within your parish and with other parishes. Work with the selected communication person within your parish to share timely information with your parish including deaths, illnesses, births, church closings and other pertinent events that need to be announced between regular church services.
G.         Coordinate computer input of information including address changes in database Work with selected computer data input person in your parish.