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Fellowship Hall Cleanup Checklist
Fellowship Hall Cleanup Checklist
___ Clean off all tables and wipe them off
___Put salt shakers in cabinet/paper goods and plastic ware in fellowship dinner cabinet in hall
___Refill glass water containers and put in small refrigerator in hallway so will be ready for next event
___ Put all chairs on Minot Avenue side of room
___ Sweep floor and wipe up all spills
___ Take out all trash & put in new garbage bags
___ Turn heat down to 55 degrees/air conditioner off/windows shut/Lights off in room and closet
___Make sure door to exit is locked
___ Put non perishables away
___Wash  & dry church dishes/silverware
___ Tidy kitchen
___ Take dishtowels home & wash
___Take trash out & replace white trash bags
___Make sure stoves/ovens/fans & lights are turned off
Overflow room
___Clean off tables and wipe down
___Collapse tables /chairs & put in hallway
___Sweep floor
___Empty trash and put in white trash can liners
___Turn heat to 55 degrees /turn off air conditioner/lights
___Lock exit door
___Turn off restroom  lights
___Make sure all lights are off and lock front door.